Kapalika bio

Hello and welcome to our website. The purpose of this website is to share the very valuable information regarding the highest quality essential oils I have researched in the decade since I was introduced to them.

I have participated in numerous seminars and studies about the beautiful and mysterious world of aromatherapy and essential oils.

It’s a great joy and pleasure for me to share the ongoing discovery of nature’s miracles in the form of essential oils with you.

I am sharing this knowledge as part of a small and enthusiastic team via seminars, videos and free lectures.

You are most welcome to view the videos that will be added as we are now in production and are planning short but concise videos to assist you in improving and supporting the quality of you life. The video series of 2-3 minutes in duration per topic are planned on a bi-monthly basis starting in 2018. They will be titled and archived for your specific interests.

As a marathon runner enthusiast I have also made good use of the oils as a great support. I can share that information as well for those of you who may have interest.

Also if you wish to join us at our free lectures, seminars or health related trade shows; see the “Events” link on this website, again it will be a pleasure to meet with you.

Thank you for interest into this fascinating world of essential oils.

If you have specific enquiries please contact me at:

Arne Bio

As a registered and practicing physiotherapist I encounter many clients with a variety of challenges. These challenges are not exclusively physical in nature, frequently the individuals pains translate into psycho-physiological and emotional burdens.

Along with the traditional methods employed in my profession, meridian treatments and essential oils have become a very important part of the support techniques shared to the client.

Also highly recommended are a short series of treatments named “Rain Drop Massage” in which 9 essential high quality oils are used in a specific order and application. The purity of the oils are essential.

I am more than happy to share further information and I can be contacted at: